I'm a professional of Digital Communication, PhD Student and Wordpress webdeveloper.

Brazilian from Blumenau (SC), I'm living in Covilhã, Portugal. I have bachelor´s degree in Journalism, MBA in Digital Marketing, master in Journalism and now, study PhD in Communication in University of Beira Interior.

I work with digital communication planning, especialy in local media, my thesis theme. Research about new business models in local media and alternatives in cooperation and collaboration between small newspapers. Send a email: gio @ gioramos.net. gio @ gioramos.net

Digital Communication Consultant

Digital communication consultant in focus in web planning for small and local newspapers. The services offer is: creation and development of newspapers websites; planning and development of journalistic projects; reorganization of newsroom for internet.

My portfolio include cases like: development of "RCN Online" website in Brazil, "Viva Covilhã" and "Viva Serra da Estrela" in Portugal; special issues for "Jornal Metas" (Brazil) and "Jornal do Fundão" (Portugal); creation of paywall for "Folha do Vale" (Brazil) and creation of "Jornal da Fronteira" network (Brazil).

Sites em WordPress

Wordpress is the CMS (Content Menagement System) more used in the world, used by 30% of total of websites.

The benefits of development a website in Wordpress are: easy interface, excellent usability, a free platform with simple tools of import and export contents.

Wordpress can be used in online newspapers, institutional websites for enterprises, ecommerce, and another possibilities.

See some of the sites produced in the Portfolio.

Academic Research

Since master in journalis, my theme focus in reserach is the news business models in digital journalism, especially in locam media.

In PhD thesys, researchs about a business models based in a networked local media is added.

The researchs are made in University of Beira Interior and have a focus in a region of Portugal.



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