Jornalista, professor e pesquisador
30 de July de 2020

Dissertation: new business models for local journalism

Studying business models of local newspapers is the objective of the master's thesis delivered in 2018. Sermos Galiza, printed weekly and digital daily of Santiago de Compostela in Spain (today printed and online daily NOS DIARIO) is the case studied in this dissertation. A medium with six years of existence, which was born a hybrid (print and digital) that not only sustains itself financially amidst the transformations of the journalism market, but also has expansion plans for a printed daily.

The structure, sources of revenue, interaction with the community and the use of Sermos Galicia's internet potential were analyzed, a comparison between the newspaper's strategies, its practices and theories about cyberjournalism, business models and local journalism were analyzed.

Read the dissertation (in Portuguese)


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