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Free speench demands responsibility

Monark case shows that good journalism is necessary for societies

The podcaster Monark is out of Flow Podcast and Flow Studios too. The decision was gonna taked after new polemic involving the host and the free speech argument. in episode at monday (7), with the deputies Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP) and Kim Kataguiri (Podemos-SP), Monark defended the right of citizens creates (make) a nazist party in Brazil, in the name of free speech.

The argument offended advertisers, members of others podcasts in Flow Studios, the jewsih community and anothes citizens with good sense. On Tuesday, Monark said he was drunk during the show and apologized for the speech.

Monark is a famous advocate of unlimited free speech, that is, freedom to express criminal expressions. It is not the first time that he has been involved in a controversy in the name of his ideology. But let's contest this controversy in points

Free speench demands responsibility

Chat among friends is a situation. Talk to 30 people in a impopular podcast is other situation. Broadcast to millions of people around the country in one the more popular podcasts is very different.

Free speench demands responsibility. Broadcast in a media is not a kidding, a hobbie. You can use a computer and microphone to broadcast anything to internet, but you can hurt, prejudice or even kill people if you don´t know to use the power of broadcasting. There are many cases of bad journalism and bad entertainment that harmed people and social groups. Fake news and sensacionalism are examples of crimes made by bad journalism.

Monark is not a nazi. But, he don't have capacity to debate the theme "free speech". Disqualified, he said the most absurd argument possible about free speech. And after, he thought that just he told a wrong expression. NO! The podcaster don't have skills and knowledge to make a argument. And when he made this, he acted irresponsibly.

To be a Media producer demands responsibility and maturity

Monark apologized and said that he was drunk during the show. I'm not gonna talk about the use of alcohol as an excuse for crimes. We gonna belivie that he, really, was drunk. What type of professional works drunk? There are a lot of podcasts that want to make the debate like a pub conversation, a informal talking. But a podcast is not a pub. A podcast is a media programm, there are audience, the are people listening and been influenced.

Where are you advertising?

The rapid withdrawal of some advertisers after speech of Monark shows that problem is bigger that people belivies to be. When the company advertise, she links her brand, her product to media (podcast, site, newspapper, TV) where the advertise is being published. The medium is the message.

A company, when advertise your product in media, seeks to increase sales and publicize your brand to big audiences. This principle justify any interprise advertise in populars blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts. These media are not journalism, and are not professionals, but they have big audience.

It is curious to see the criteria used to advertise in current digital media. Ethics, responsibility, professionalism, everything was left behind. The important thing is to be where “the bomb”, regardless of who is “the bomb”.

Serious journalism, regardless of size, has an opportunity there. It is necessary to separate professional journalism from non-professional communicators. The Monark case showed that advertising in any popular digital medium can be dangerous.

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