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December 20, 2021

Paywall e crowdfunding no jornalismo local

Paywall e crowdfunding no jornalismo de Portugal
Paywall e crowdfunding no jornalismo de Portugal

Subscribe to the newspaper to read the news. Support the media and make a donation. Those who usually get information in digital newspapers have already faced this situation. After all, is using paywall and crowdfunding in newspapers a good idea?

"Organize and sort the strategies that web journalism has to make its content available on its pages and knowing the reality in the Portuguese local media". This is the first paragraph of the abstract of the article published in December 2021 in the journal Estudos em Comunicação.


The article creates a map of the use of paywall and crowdfunding in Portuguese digital local newspapers. In fact, both are the most used tools to earn money with content on the internet. But, there are other tools such as micropayments, when the audience pays for each news read. This tool is not popular in journalism.

Only print and free native digital

A curious fact in this article is the number of Portuguese local newspapers when the reader needs to buy the printed version to read the news online. The news on the website carries a message such as "read more in print". And there is no all-digital subscription. So, if the reader wants to inform, the newspapers force him to buy the printed.

Este artigo foi produzido devido ao crescimento dos paywalls nos jornais. São poucos os nacionais e internacionais com conteúdo aberto. No caso dos regionais portugueses, isso é comum nos chamados nativos digitais, aqueles que já surgiram apenas na internet. Nestes casos, a receita tem origem apenas na publicidade.


Paywall and crowdfunding start to become popular

Nobody pays for online news. People want everything for free. These expressions have been said in the past. But nowadays, it is normal to restrict content to subscribers. Rejection drops every year.

On the other hand, there is crowdfunding as an alternative tool to paywalls. Crowdfunding campaigns emerged for other purposes, conquering artists with digital platforms and reaching journalism. First, in funding the spotlight, then in funding all the newsroom.

Crowdfunding requires more loyalty from readers as it does not restricted content. It is an interesting alternative to avoid an elitization of journalism. Who has money, pays and is well informed. Those who don't have it, get disinformation, sensationalism, fake news...


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